Version 1.4 now released

Hello, we’re happy to announce that Pixeluvo 1.4.0 is now available for download.

We’ve made numerous improvements in this version. Here’s a brief rundown of the major changes:

  • A brand new ‘Straighten’ tool, which makes straightening crooked photos a breeze – it can even automatically crop the result for you
  • The selection tools have been improved –  you can now adjust box and ellipse selections after you make them, so getting pixel perfect selections is now much easier
  • Better snapping support in the move tool – you now snap to the left/right/centre of other layers as well as to the canvas (hold ctrl to move without snapping)
  • Support for UTF8 file-names – File-names with special characters in should no longer cause any problems
  • Masks can now be disabled temporarily from the right-click layer context menu
  • Filter dialogs now remember their positions, so they’ll always open up just where you left them
  • You can now change an image’s dpi value from the resize image dialog

As ever, both Windows and Linux versions are available from the download page.

If you have any comments or requests please let us know at