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Pixeluvo is a beautifully designed image and photo editor for PC and Linux. From simple photo cropping and resizing to complex image manipulation with multiple adjustment layers and masks, Pixeluvo can handle just about all your day-to-day image editing requirements. With its high quality toolset and attention to detail this is software that is simply a pleasure to use.

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Packed with features to make image editing faster, easier, and more fun


Version 1.4 now released

Hello, we’re happy to announce that Pixeluvo 1.4.0 is now available for download.

We’ve made numerous improvements in this version. Here’s a brief rundown of the major changes:

  • A brand new ‘Straighten’ tool, which makes straightening crooked photos a breeze – it can even automatically crop the result for you
  • The selection tools have been improved -  you can now adjust box and ellipse selections after you make them, so getting pixel perfect selections is now much easier
  • Better snapping support in the move tool – you now snap to the left/right/centre of other layers as well as to the canvas (hold ctrl to move without snapping)
  • Support for UTF8 file-names – File-names with special characters in should no longer cause any problems
  • Masks can now be disabled temporarily from the right-click layer context menu
  • Filter dialogs now remember their positions, so they’ll always open up just where you left them
  • You can now change an image’s dpi value from the resize image dialog

As ever, both Windows and Linux versions are available from the download page.

If you have any comments or requests please let us know at


Version 1.3.6

Today we’ve released Pixeluvo 1.3.6.
This version includes an improved crop tool, now with a set of handy preset crop sizes, support for newer camera RAW formats, (including the Fuji X-E1 amongst others), and many many minor tweaks and fixes to make editing your images quicker and easier than ever.

As ever, it’s available from the download page.

New Version – Now with Full Raw Processing Pipeline

Pixeluvo 1.3 is now available for download. As well as numerous fixes and a brand new Cross-Process filter, we now have … drum roll please … a full Raw processing pipeline!

You can now open raw images from pretty much any camera and keep them on a special new ‘raw’ layer-type, which means that the settings will remain fully editable. You can add other layers to your image as normal, and keep tweaking the raw settings at any time. If you want to apply any destructive filters to the raw layer, you’ll need to convert it to a normal bitmap layer first.

Please note that due to the increased memory requirements when dealing with raw images, the full raw processing tools are only available when running Pixeluvo on a 64bit OS.

Linux Version Available

We’ve been working hard here at Pixeluvo Central, and today we have a version of Pixeluvo available for Linux. This should be practically identical to the Windows version, your license keys will be valid on Linux and all the tools and filters are there. So far we’ve done rpm and deb packages for both 64bit and 32bit systems, and it should install and run fine on most modern Linux distributions. If you come across any issues, please post in the forums or send a mail to

.deb files - for Ubuntu and derivatives

.rpm files - for Fedora/Suse and derivatives


Bugfix Release 1.2.4

Pixeluvo 1.2.4 is now ready for download. This is mostly a bugfix release so no new features this time. However, it fixes a couple of stability issues on Windows 8.1, and has many minor usability improvements and tweaks.

The big thing we’re working on right now is support for Raw camera formats, and a complete raw processing pipeline. But more on that another time…