Announcing Pixeluvo 1.4.5

There is a new release of Pixeluvo hot off the press.
Version 1.4.5 brings some useful improvements to masking, two new colour filters, and a bunch of smaller tweaks and fixes.

You can now right click on a mask and choose “Preview Layer Masks” to see the actual mask itself. Then whenever a mask is active you will see the mask values directly, which can be very useful when working with complex masks.
You can also now create a selection from a colour channel by choosing Select->Select From Channel. If there is a channel that has high contrast between the foreground and background then this can be a useful starting point for creating a mask.

The dodge and burn tool now has support for targeting just the highlights, or just the shadow areas. Also by pressing ‘Z’ you can quickly switch between dodge and burn modes. (Also, pressing ‘Z’ with the brush tool active now toggles the colour between black and white).

Also new are the Photo Filter – for simulating a coloured filter over the camera lens, and the Channel Mixer filter, which can be useful for advanced colour manipulations.