Pixeluvo contains a large number of high quality effects for making your images stand out.

From the Effects menu at the top of the window you can select from all kinds of image effects. Distort, blur and sharpen images in a variety of ways. Add lens-flares, realistic film grain or an adjustable vignette. Boost the detail or local contrast of an image, or completely transform an image into a painterly look.

All the filters in Pixeluvo show a live preview on the image as you adjust the controls, and you can continue to zoom and pan around the image while you change the parameters. This makes experimenting with parameters very easy, as you can immediately see the effect of any changes.


Here is a full list of all the effect filters available in Pixeluvo:


  • Gaussian Blur – Add a uniform blur to the image
  • Surface Blur – Blur the image but preserve sharp edges
  • Motion Blur – Blur the image along a straight line
  • Radial Blur – Blur the image in a circle around a specified point
  • Zoom Blur – Simulate camera zoom blur around a specified point
  • Tilt Shift – Simulate a ’tilt-shift’ or ‘miniaturize’ effect
  • Vignette Blur – Blur the edges of the image
  • Brush Strokes – Simulate brush strokes
  • Paint Splatter – Drop random splats of paint
  • Charcoal – Simulate a charcoal drawing
  • Charcoal and Chalk – Simulate a drawing using charcoal and chalk on colored paper
  • Squares – Create a stylized look using square shapes
  • Circles – Create a stylized look using circle shapes
  • Halftone – Create a halftone pattern using tiny dots
  • Photocopy – Create a stylized look simulating a black and white photocopier
  • Enhance Clarity – Enhance the clarity of edges in the image
  • Boost Detail – Boost the visibility of small details
  • Reduce Noise – Reduce noise in the image
  • Local Contrast – Boost the contrast across edges
  • Sharpen – Sharpen small details
  • Smooth (Median) – Median filter, smooths out small details in the image
  • Film Grain – Add a realistic film grain – can also be used as an adjustment layer
  • Vignette – Add a customizable vignette around the edges of the image – can also be used as an adjustment layer
  • Soften Skin – Helps to smooth out visible pores and imperfections in portraits – can also be used with the Fx Brush
  • Light Glow – Add a light source glow to the image
  • Light Leaks – Simulate light leakage onto film
  • Light Spots – Add spots of light to the image
  • Lens Flare – Add a customizable lens flare to the image
  • Displace – Distort the image by locally warping shapes
  • Frosted Glass – Simulate viewing the image through frosted glass
  • Wave – Distort the image with a sine wave
  • Scratch – Distort the image by moving pixels
  • Splash – Distort the image by moving pixels
  • Pixelate – Pixelate the image into blocks of color

All the Generate Filters can also be used as adjustment layers (with the exception of Drop Shadow), which means you can return to tweak the settings at any time.


  • Color Fill – Fill the image with a constant color
  • Gradient Fill – Fill the image with a smooth gradient of color
  • Checker – Create a black and white checker-board pattern
  • Grid – Create a grid of intersecting lines
  • Fractal Noise – Generate random fractal noise
  • Drop Shadow – Generate a drop shadow using the alpha channel from the current layer
  • High Pass – Remove low-frequency features from an image (can be used as a building block for advanced effects)
  • Tile – Repeat the layer across the whole canvas, wrapping across the edges (can be used for creating tile-able textures)
  • Reduce Jpeg Artifacts – Reduce block artifacts caused by aggressive Jpeg compression